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INCREDIBLE COACH! Amy is an incredible interview, public speaking and resume’ coach, as my daughter, Emily, will testify!

MAKES A DIFFERENCE – As a high school senior, Emily had a full roster of academic and co-curricular activities, but showcasing these was key to her acceptance to challenging college programs and scholarship opportunities and to her growth as a self-confident, eloquent young adult! Emily’s Girl Scout Gold Award work with Philadelphia’s homeless, her many acting roles, and her extensive school and community leadership and service experiences might have been overlooked had Amy not guided her on presenting these powerfully in print and through the spoken word.

PROFESSIONAL RESUME’ BUILDER – With Amy’s help, Emily revamped her resume’ in ways that made her many strengths stand out in an all-at-once easy-to-read and powerful format.

PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH EXTRAORDINAIRE! Amy’s practice conversation sessions helped Emily prioritize and organize her thoughts so that she could passionately and effectively express her many wonderful contributions in face-to-face interactions.

FUN AND EFFECTIVE –Amazingly, Amy made the learning fun! A gifted listener, engaging and never intimidating, Amy made Emily feel comfortable to open up about her key experiences. She asked all the right questions, which allowed Emily to tell her stories with detail and exuberance! In sum, Amy has a way with young people, gently coaxing them to get to the heart of their true selves.

GETS RESULTS! Emily used her resume’ and newfound voice in many interviews to selective academic and scholarship programs, including Penn State’s Smeal Business School Sapphire Leadership Program and the Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Founders Scholarship Award for Graduating Seniors. Emily was one of only 50 Smeal freshmen to be accepted into the Sapphire Leadership Program and was awarded the four-year Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Scholarship! We are forever indebted to Amy for her incredible contribution to Emily’s achievements, personal growth and success.

MEMS, Emily’s Mom

Hi Amy, I hope you’re having a joyous Holiday season! We are overjoyed about Brendon’s acceptance to Hampton!! He is still waiting to hear from a couple of schools but he feels confident that Hampton is his #1 school. I appreciate all that you’ve done to help Brendon present himself in the best possible way. I believe his essay was quite instrumental! Nigel is a sophomore, when the time comes you will be the 1st phone call!

All the best, Shannon

Dear Amy,

Thank you! I was just going over Ben’s applications last night with him, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I read his essay. You accomplished what his father and I could not! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – he is such a great boy, but can become a stubborn teenager every once in a while.

Sincerely, thank you!

Caroline M. Tate Vice President, Human Resources

From a high school senior: We were always able to create interesting and unique essays that would always fit my character and display to colleges who I truly am. Thank you for helping me convey my ideas and translate them onto paper to help me write my college essays. With your guidance I was able to achieve my long-term goals of getting into a college of my choice.

Thank you so much!

A. Lobell, Wissahickon High School