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Who is the Ultimate Coach

What I Can Offer You.

I offer guidance and practical assistance to compose and edit college application essays. I also speak with admissions counselors, career services administrators, professors, financial aid officers and deans on college campuses in order to learn about the selection process and the profile of admitted applicants. I make the intial investigation on your behalf, and then I forward names and contact information of key decision-makers to you for efficient and meaningful follow-up .

We compose attention-grabbing activities and work resumes. And together, we polish your communication skills in order to portray a mature, young adult to all administrators in the college admissions process. I also offer guidance and coaching all the way through college, internships and first jobs. If graduate school is your future, I help with those applications, as well. In particular, I assist with portfolio development, seeking letters of recommendation, communicating with pinpointed employers, and exploring companies. I also assist with writing cover letters and resumes which market you powerfully and set you apart from the fierce competition in the job market. I coach you in person and by phone and establish convenient times to work in front of the computer together.

My clients get the maximum coaching from me in an efficient, non-threatening manner. We get the job done in record time with little stress. Clients are proud and excited with the finished product. My specialty is drawing out your brilliance and making you shine. The reward for your investment in our work together is letters of acceptance and offer letters to dream jobs. Call today to see how easy the process can be.

Amy Sauber holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education in Counseling and Organizational Behavior. She is and adjunct professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Her professional expertise spans 20 years in corporate training and human resources with companies in the retail, finance, travel, health, and cable industries from Florida to Alaska, as well as college business and general education instruction.

Currently Ms. Sauber is on staff with an international software company and does customer service and accent reduction training. Sauber has served as chief trainer of the Professional Development course, a comprehensive career management program.

As a Business Communications professor Sauber helps students learn the art of business writing and presentation skills. The Fox Schhol of Business, Temple University awarded Sauber “The Crystal Award” for academic excellence in the classroom. (October, 2012)

A Coach is an expert who helps develop others to achieve personal success and draws out the brilliance inside each of her clients and has a knack for removing obstacles and blockages to performing at peak levels. Finding pure clarity and creativity. That’s my specialty.